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About GetaRealOffer

What is GetaRealOffer?

GetaRealOffer is an app that enables consumers to professionally create vehicle assessment records that can be sent via an appraisal request to any auto dealer or to our consumer listing hub to secure a trade or purchase offer.

How is GetaRealOffer different?

The times of having to physically visit dealerships to determine who will present the best offer is over because now consumers use the app to shop dealers or post to the listing hub in any town, city or region, from the comfort of their own home.

GetaRealOffer can be used anywhere, any time and by anyone looking to get a real offer on their vehicle. You don’t have be an expert in vehicles or worry that you have missed something that could have changed the value of your car or truck as we ensure that you have the correct information to find the best offer. 

Is GetaRealOffer a Free or Paid service?

There is no charge for using the GetaRealOffer app to shop your vehicle to multiple dealers to find the best offer. However, if you would like one of our experienced dealer advocates to shop your car to source the best offer, we charge a service fee. You can view service fees under the “Services” tab on our website at www.getarealoffer.com/services.

Downloading the GetaRealOffer app

Is your app available on IOS?

You can download the free GetaRealOffer app from Apple’s App Store

Is your app available on Android?

You can download the free GetaRealOffer app from the Google Play Store

Using the GetaRealOffer app

How do I create an account?

After you download the GetaRealOffer you can create an account using your first name, last name, email, password and your mobile phone number. You will need to create an account to save your vehicle records and the appraisal requests that you share with dealers and the listing hub. 

Your account is where you will store and retrieve your records if or when you do decide to trade or sell your vehicle.

How do I create my vehicle assessment record?

Your vehicle assessment record outlines all the photos, details, and history of your vehicle.In addition, the GetaRealOffer app provides you with a workflow and in-app tooltips to guide you through the vehicle assessment process. You also have access to in-app chat, where you can instantly have any of your questions answered by our support team.

How do I submit my vehicle for appraisal to a dealer?

The GetaRealOffer app enables you to select dealers from your local area or any region of the country. You can shop your car to three dealers at once, but If you are not satisfied with the offers, choose three more dealers to send your appraisal request.

How do I monitor and chat with dealers?

You are never left wondering what’s going on because the app sends you notifications when the dealer has accepted your request, shared your request for valuation opinions, and presents a trade or purchase offer. You can use the in-app chat function to chat with the dealer during the entire process.

Will I have a bunch of dealers calling me?

We do not share your contact information until the dealer accepts your appraisal request. Once the dealer accepts your request, you and the dealer can access the in-app chat function to converse.

How do I receive trade or purchase offers from dealers?

Once you send a dealer your appraisal request, the dealer can share your vehicle record with their network to get additional valuation opinions. If a dealer has shared your request, which means they are shopping your vehicle to try and get you the highest value, then you will be able to see that activity in the app.

Once a dealer provides a trade or purchase offer, you will receive a notification informing you that a new offer has was presented.

What should I do after I accept an offer?

Once you receive an acceptable offer, you can schedule an in person appointment with the dealer via the app. You can always use the in-app chat function whenever you have follow-up questions.

If I sell to a dealer, how do I get paid?

Once you receive an offer that you are willing to accept, click schedule an appointment in the app to arrange a time to meet with the dealer. The dealer will facilitate payment once you and the dealer have looked at the vehicle in person.

When I meet with the dealer to complete my sale, will they try and negotiate the sale price that we agreed to?

When you create your vehicle record in the app, take the time to fully disclose all of the vehicle details and take good images, then the dealer will be less likely to find any reason to adjust the offer. However, the dealer will change their offer if you incorrectly disclose previous damage, mechanical condition, and vehicle features.

If I am not satisfied with the dealer with whom I have scheduled an appointment, am I obligated to follow through with the sale once I have met with the dealership?

No, if you are not satisfied with the dealer that you intended to sell or trade your car to, you can walk away as long as you have not signed a Bill of Sale.

If I list my vehicle on the "Listing Hub" and a private party wants to buy it, how do I safely show my car and work through the sale details?

As we develop and maintain the worlds best customer to customer automotive listing hub, we, at our core, consider the safety of our customers, but safety starts with you. The following document USED CAR SELLING GUIDE, is an excellent starting point that outlines the steps to consider when selling your car privately.

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